Preparing Your Fencing for Winter

A properly installed and well-maintained fence can add great kerb appeal to your home. However, the weather can take its toll, causing your fence to deteriorate over time if not properly protected. Luckily there are a few measures you can take to increase the longevity of your fence.

Fences and posts need to be checked regularly for signs of rot or broken timber which can cause the fence to fail in high winds. If you notice any such problems, it is important to have the fence repaired or replaced.

Keep a close eye on surrounding trees to make sure the branches are not touching the fence which could cause damage. Also check for diseased branches which may fall causing further damage and trim these all back.

Heavy exposure to sunlight, wind and rain can cause fences to become weathered and worn. Applying a fence treatment will restore the colour and help deter water which will cause rot.

Before applying, remove any algae and check all nails, screws and fixings and tighten or replace as necessary.

Fence treatments come in a range of colours, so select your favourite and apply using a sprayer, brush, or roller.

Taking these steps will help to protect your fence for many years to come!

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