Late Summer Project – Sleepers

Railway sleepers remain a popular choice for the garden. They are sturdy, durable and a cost effective way to add interest to your outdoor space. They can be used for raised beds, lawn edgings, steps or retaining walls.

Webwood Fencing & Building Supplies can supply reclaimed sleepers for a more rustic look or new softwood or oak sleepers for a more modern finish.

  • Softwood railway sleepers – these are easy to work with as they are lighter and more uniform in size


  • Oak railway sleepers – these are also uniform in size but heavier than softwood sleepers. They are more durable but are more difficult to cut due to their density


  • Reclaimed sleepers – these give a more rustic look but can be harder to work with as they are not so uniform in size and tend not to be smooth.  With a little work they can look fantastic though!



  • Raised beds – railway sleepers are perfect for creating raised beds and sturdy planters.  Webwood can supply the fixings to attach them together at a height to suit your own needs.  Just add a waterproof liner with drainage holes at the bottom to help preserve the wood for longer.


  • Steps and stairways – sleepers are a good choice for outside steps due to their size. You have the choice to create solid steps or leave gaps and infill with stone or soil for a different look.


  • Retaining wall – Sleepers are strong enough to build a retaining wall to keep a large amount of soil in place. They can be cut and upended in the corners for extra strength too.


  • Lawn edging – lawns or flower beds can be kept tidy by sleepers.  These can be buried at ground level around the edge of a lawn for easy mowing.


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