What to do if your fence has been damaged by a storm

Can I use my insurance?

Do I have a guarantee?

Help what are my options?

Storm Eunice provided a whirlwind weekend for the UK in the middle of February 2022. Dubbed the worst storm for more than 30 years, winds that topped 122 miles-per-hour wreaked havoc across the country, with insurance reports suggesting that total damages could top £360 million. The O2 Arena being partially torn apart, and airplanes filmed struggling to land at Heathrow Airport stole the headlines, yet for many of us the storm hit a lot closer to home.

Why did my fence fail?

There are several reasons why fences might fail in a storm:
• They simply may not have been installed properly, lacking the concrete necessary to shore up fence posts adequately or with posts that are not set deep enough into the ground, for example.
• Fences might be too high and/or wide to withstand strong winds, leaving them more vulnerable.
• Your fence posts may be past their prime. Timber that is commonly used in British gardens rots from the ground and therefore doesn’t last properly.
Because of the multiple vulnerabilities, it is unsurprising that so many homes were affected by a storm as aggressive as Eunice. Yet there are multiple options and considerations to be aware of when working to remedy the situation.

Can I claim for my fence on my insurance?

First, many are unaware of the fact that their insurance policy may cover a damaged or fallen fence.

Indeed, virtually all commercial premises should be covered by a good commercial policy.

While fixing a single panel may not necessarily break the bank, this should be the first port of call to save money where you otherwise may be left forking out sums unnecessarily.

On the other hand, most home-insurance companies’ position on storm damage, is that damage to gates and fences is typically not covered.
In any case, if you’re worried about your specific situation, then the best place to look is in your insurance documentation/policy or the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID).

If you’re still unsure, contact your insurance provider and ask them directly.
To make a claim effectively, you should take pictures of any damage, making sure anything left lying around is tidied or fixed up in the process to prevent debris flying around in the event of further strong winds.

Indeed, this is particularly relevant given the rapid follow up of storm Franklin just a day or so after Eunice passed.

Additionally, if your fence is new then it may be under warranty.

At Webwood, we build our fences to last – even in the face of extreme elements such as high winds.

Some of our fence post carry a guarantee for up to 25 years.
Fencing systems such as the Durapost and Jacksons fencing materials both offer this peace of mind for a fraction more initially but could save you thousands in maintenance and replacement in the future!
We are accredited installers for each of these systems so can offer you not only a fantastic fence system but a peace of mind guarantee against the elements.
It is therefore worth checking with your chosen fencing contractor to see whether they may be able to support you in offering a replacement with a high level of not only workmanship but also peace of mind like Webwood.

Choosing my next fence

Next, it is important to make sure that you select a new fencing system that lasts.

The UK is increasingly facing extreme weather conditions, the powerful extratropical cyclone known as storm Arwen that struck the UK in November 2021 standing as another prime example.

To ensure you don’t find yourself dealing with the same issue again in a few months’ time, make sure you both purchase a fence solution that’s built to stand the test of time.

Webwood being a qualified fence expert we not only offer free advice along with the most suitable and cost-effective long-lasting fencing solution based on your needs.
We can provide insights into the exposure of the fence, ground conditions, the depth and size of holes needed, and suggest the height and type of fence that might work best.
Our experts are here to provide as much or as little information as you require in making the choice to your budget or requirements.

DuraPosts are designed to address the pitfalls of traditional concrete and timber fence posts. Made in the UK from galvanised steel, it won’t rot, warp or crack and is maintenance free. That’s why the manufacturer are confident product up to a 25-year guarantee with us being an accredited installer.

Jackson’s fencing work on exactly the same principles and also offer a 25 year guarantee agains rot and insect infestation.

Based on customer wishes and requirements, we can combine the two systems or provide a standard well treated fence to support your requirements.

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