Composite Fencing – all you need to know

What is composite fencing?

Most fences are made from hard or soft woods, but that is starting to change with the increasing popularity of composite fencing.

Composite fencing is made from a mixture of plastic and real wood, usually recycled, making it a very eco-friendly choice. It has a beautiful authentic look will last much longer than wood and retains an incredible strength against the elements.

So, if you’re keen on being eco-friendly – composite fencing is probably the perfect solution!

Should you choose composite fencing?

The Pros:

• Many manufacturers offer a 20 year guarantee and the fencing lasts a very long time
• It is more weatherproof than traditional wooden fencing and so requires no wood treatments so is practically maintenance free
• Composite is rot and mould free – another issue with wooden fencing
• It is very strong and so is a good choice if you have pets
• Composite is simple to install and slots together
• Composite fencing comes in a vast array of colours and styles to suit your taste

The Cons:

• Composite fencing can be more expensive to purchase initially but if you balance this against the added longevity of a composite fence and the cost of painting a wooden fence, it can work out to be more financially viable
• Although there are many designs and colours, the range is still not as vast as for wooden fencing. Also, with a wooden fence, you can change the colour of the fence over the years, but composite fencing will be the same colour for the life of the fence.

Need further information?

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